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  • Biosafety Guidelines for Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


    IBF has posted various biosafety guidelines from various international regulatory agencies to assist in the safe handling of samples containing the novel coronavirus (Wuhan) (COVID-19). 

  • National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease: 2019-nCoV podcast


    To support public health knowledge translation during the current outbreak of  COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus), NCCID is releasing a Q+A podcast series for public health professionals and health care practitioners in Canada. Listener submissions and feedback will drive podcast topics.

    Please contact NCCID Project Manager Shivoan Balakumar to submit questions on COVID-19 for future episodes.
    In the first episode of the series, we pose questions on testing and diagnosis and Canada’s laboratory response to Dr. Jared Bullard, an infectious disease specialist and Associate Medical Director at the Cadham Provincial Lab in Winnipeg Manitoba.

    Refer to following link for the Podcast: 

  • 2020 Canadian Biosafety Symposium


    Save the Date! 
    2020 Canadian Biosafety Symposium
    September 15-17, 2020
    Edmonton, Alberta 
    The Canadian Association for Biological Safety (CABS) is happy to announce the 2020 Canadian Biosafety Symposium will take place September 15-17, 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta!    

    The 2020 Canadian Biosafety Symposium is Canada's premier source of new knowledge and opportunity for dialogue across the biosafety community.  It is the forum for advancing professional development and for building capacity for new solutions to be applied to the emerging challenges in laboratory biosafety and biosecurity. 
    The symposium will consist of oral presentations related to advanced concepts in the areas of biosafety and biosecurity. The intent of the symposium series is to reflect current biosafety and biosecurity issues as well as regulatory initiatives. This symposium series is intended for all biosafety professionals and personnel involved in biosafety and/or biocontainment facilities.    
    Emergency Management for Labs
    Building a Biosafety Culture
    Biosafety and Public Health
    Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases
    Laboratory Acquired Infections
    Ergonomics and Safety
    Biowaste Management and Disinfection
    The Regulations
    Airflow, Ventilation, Design and Biosafety
    Animal Issues
    Audits and Inspections
    Occupational Health and Surveillance

    More information to follow on our website, stay tuned!!
    The program is currently being developed and we are actively seeking speakers, abstracts and workshops.  If you have any topics you would like to see or if you would like to participate as a speaker, please contact Kelly Johnston at