CABS-ACSB membership is the perfect means for biosafety professionals of all levels to expand their knowledge, enrich their expertise, explore future issues, strategies and trends, and advance health and safety in the workplace.

Members benefit from having exclusive access to the “Members Services” area, which contains:

  • Access to a one-stop page for all your biosafety links and resources;
  • Exclusive access to the membership directory, which allows members to connect with one another across the country;
  • Create a profile that only other CABS-ACSB members can see;
  • Access to member only documents and resources;
  • Access to a repository of resources, which may include SOPs, training materials, biosafety manuals, etc., which are shared by CABS-ACSB members via the uploading centre;
  • Help other biosafety professionals by contributing to the CABS-ACSB Forum, which provides members the ability to discuss items, email other members, post questions, and network with others;
  • To view current job postings in the field of biosafety;
  • Access to the CABS-ACSB specific documents and the CABS newsletters; and
  • Updates on the Canadian Biosafety Symposium and Biosafety training opportunities.

Membership in CABS-ACSB

CABS-ACSB membership is open to anyone who has an interest in biological safety. This includes microbiologists, laboratory workers, health care professionals, veterinarians, safety officers, industrial hygienists, certifiers and engineers. Knowledge on laboratory design, containment principals, sterilization and disinfection, etc. is essential in preventing exposure and infections in the workplace. The membership fee is $50.00 per year. Membership year runs from January to December.

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